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Discover the diverse career paths in marine biology through professionals' testimonies.

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While encountering people who study and protect our oceans, Koural has interviewed them on their journey to get there, the good and not-so-good aspects of their job, their hopes for the future, etc…all these interviews are brought to you here and you can now read them freely and as many times as you want!

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Aurélie Moya: "I did an internship and fell in love with the work" Career Coral Secondary school Germany
David Hughes: "A little effort on our part can go a long way" Career Coral High school Australia
Audrey Commault: "Learning new things is the best part of the job" Career Microbiology Secondary school France
Hannah Epstein: "I love the oceans, which kept me moving forward" Career Coral Secondary school United States
Naohisa Wada: Look at the entire ecosystem, not just the beautiful view Career Coral High school Japan